Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Meet Merv

     Halloween is my favorite Holiday.  I adore it.  I always have.  So when my husband suggested we make a dummy to hang as we have in the past, I jumped on it.  (The idea, not the dummy.)  So I went to work  assembling our dummy.  Merv came to be yesterday afternoon.  Born of old clothes and plastic bags on our kitchen table.  I sent photos to my husband who then texted back that Merv's hands should be bound behind his back to make him look more authentic.  I found the twine and made it so.  Then I texted my husband back asking if I can bloody Merv up a bit.  His response:  absolutely.  Had anyone read these out of context, we would sound quite savage.  It was such fun.

     Once he was finished I scooped him up to move onto the porch.  As I walked through the front door a neighbor walked by.  I can only imagine her thoughts at a sweaty, disheveled looking woman cradling a bloody body with a bag over its head. I smiled and hoped she didn't think me crazy.  She smiled and kept on walking. After all, it is Halloween season so this isn't too odd. Had it been Easter or Christmas, perhaps she may have reacted entirely different and rightfully so.

With Merv in place I went back inside.  I had forgotten him completely by this morning.  Not long ago I opened the front door to check for packages.  I would usually look through the peep hole but I have it covered with more decorations.  Upon opening the door I jumped and screamed.  (I even peed myself a little.  Birthing three kids does this to a woman.  But that is a story for another time.)   So I suppose Merv is a success as dummies go.

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