Monday, September 10, 2007

From One Bitch to Another

Today I found out that my dog Gypsy does not like other female dogs. Hates them. Tried to tear one apart. Had it not been for her choke chain I don't believe she would have been stoppable. Choke chain...I hate that name. Maybe I will call it a correction collar. The term choke chain conjures up images of dogs with their tongues hanging out, eyes bulging from the sockets. Okay, well, I gave a good tug on her "correction collar" and was able to pull her away. I didn't realize just how strong she actually is. I'm not sure why exactly she dislikes other female dogs with a passion. I don't know if dogs have the same shortcomings as we do when it comes to relationships and jealousy. I imagine it could be much the same as humans. I know that I have a jealous streak in me when I catch a woman checking out my husband. The difference between humans and dogs though is that it would be extremely inappropriate for me to growl, bare my teeth in warning and then attack said woman. Although it may be quite satisfying. I guess we are all just bitches no matter what our species.

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