Thursday, September 13, 2007


Max loves to go in his brother's room on the rare occasion that the door is left open. He is still working on those tricky doorknobs. Lord help us when he figures them out. Anyways, Max will run into the room and straight for the aquarium. He pushes his little face to the glass and yells out, "Poopies!" Yep. My son thinks, for some odd reason, that fish are called poopies. They used to be "pish" which when said quickly always sounded as though he was yelling out "Piss!" Try taking this kid to the Shedd aquarium. The possibilities for embarrassment are endless.
I really feel sorry for the fish when Max is around. If we aren't fast enough to stop him, he beats his small fists against the glass while laughing with delight. The fish however, are far from being delighted. They swim around frantically not knowing what in the hell happened. And being called poopies just adds insult to injury. Thank goodness they have short memories or we would have some traumatized fish on our hands.

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