Thursday, September 13, 2007

Messy Max

I won't make it a habit but I am actually writing my second post of the day. I normally wouldn't do this but Max has given me more to write about.

About a half hour ago I went to use the restroom and while doing so I noticed just how gross my bathroom floor was starting to look. I decided to vacuum and mop pronto. All of this, from start to finish, including me actually using the facilities didn't take but 10 minutes. That was enough time. Enough time for Max to push out his bed from the wall, strip it of it's covers and push the mattress half way onto the floor. I found him on top of the skewed mattress and under the mattress pad grinning and laughing. Then I scanned the room and noticed his dresser draw was open. Upon closer inspection of the mess I saw his pajamas scattered over the box spring and on the floor. Who knows what he would have done with another two minutes.

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