Friday, September 7, 2007

A summation of suburban life...

Pink Stucco Dreams

Strangely picturesque and unusually desolate.
Personality skipped the geography of suburban life.
Noiseless Betty Crocker wives, pleasing Ward Cleaver husbands lives.
Stable financial standing.
Good children not needing reprimanding.
The epitome of boring.
The sum of repetitive individuals that have but one mind.
With cunning minds and perceptive natures we are different with our normalcy.
Our yawns we carry like attaches.
Living our lives in a suburban haze.
Knowing more that adequate requires.
It is this knowledge that to us inspires.
So go on living your pink stucco dreams.
Believing that everything is as innocent as it seems.

-Devonee Labriola Copywrite 2007

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